About Keen Capital

Established in Singapore in 2007, we are one of the leading organizations in the finance industry in strategic partnerships with various top financial companies. Our primary goal is to provide first class financial solutions and investment advice to our clients and investors.

Keen Capital is organized into nine business divisions. Our business model allows our clients to experience and benefit from our one-stop platform.

Business Divisions

Focused in providing one-stop platform solution for risk, wealth, tax and estate planning.

Focused on investments in distressed assets and debts acquisitions in US.

Focused on investing in new-age business opportunities as a venture capitalist.

Focused in providing business funding through fully collateralized assets.

Focused on providing an one-stop holistic solutions to achieve individual health aspiration

Focused on developing real estates as well as investing in real estate deals.

Focused on live entertainment and media investments.

Focused on corporate finance in mergers & acquisitions, listing, business restructuring and pre-IPO.

Focused in providing preventive medical equipment and health supplements for cardiac and diabetic ailments.